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Executing Jenkins: how?



I am in Chapter 06. "SETTING UP CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION WITH JENKINS". After the page "Spinning Up Hello World with Docker Compose" which teaches you how to run the Hello World container via docker compose, and after the next note page, the course take you inside the software Jenkins without specifying how to execute it. In a previous page it gives you the directions on how to download it, but that's it.
I tried with the command docker compose up, and despite it looks running, Jenkins itself doesn't show up.
Please, what did I miss?


  • ernesto.pozzoni

    Solved. I just needed to point the web-browser... Thanks anyway.

  • luisviveropena

    Hi @ernesto.pozzoni , I checked on the documentation and it's in section Docker Compose in the same chapter. It says the following when talking about the docker-compose.yaml file:

    "It maps ports from the container to the host. In this case, we know to visit port IPADDRESS:8080 on our host machine".



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