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Chap 7 - Outdated Label on GitHub page screenshot

Hi Flavia,

I wanted to notify you of a change in an option label on GitHub.com
This option label has been used in the Course and is now outdated. The older label given in the Course is Include administrators. The screenshot from the Course PDF is given below:

Page link is - https://trainingportal.linuxfoundation.org/learn/course/devops-and-sre-fundamentals-implementing-continuous-delivery-lfs261/github-branch-policies-pipeline-as-code-with-jenkinsfile/github-branch-policies-and-pipeline-as-code-with-jenkinsfile?page=3

The new label on GitHub is Do not allow bypassing the above settings. The screenshot from my personal GitHub page is pasted below:

Even though these two mean the same thing, but the label is outdated anyways and requires updating to the latest one from GitHub. Thanks!


  • Hi @Shivinder, Thanks for informing us of this change! The DevOps technologies are moving very fast, so it's natural to expect some changes.

    Many regards,


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