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Workaround for non-equi left join in the hive


Non-equi joins are not supported by Hive: The popular work around is to relocate the join condition to the where clause, which works great when you want an inner join. What about a left join, though?
One of these examples given here is supposed we have an orderLineItem table, and we need to link to a ProductPrice table that includes a productID, price & a date period for which the price applies. We'd want to connect this where ProductID=ProductID and OrderDate are between the start and end dates. I still want to display all orderLineItems if a productID or a suitable date range does not match.
If I implement the normal solution and shift the non-equi filter to the where clause, it becomes an inner join. In the examples above, SQL tinker, and below, I have a product ID that isn't in the lookup.
Given that hive does not accept non-equi-joins, How is a left non-equivalence achieved?

  LineItemIDId int IDENTITY(1,1),
  OrderID int  NOT NULL,
  ProductID int NOT NULL,
  OrderDate Date

CREATE TABLE ProductPrice(
  ProductID int,
  Cost float,
  startDate  Date,
  EndDate  Date




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