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The spare capacity of a public cloud provider is NOT infinite

I do think that it is a common (BIG) mistake to consider that the spare capacity of a public cloud provider is infinite. They MUST have an important spare capacity to fulfill their contractual obligations, and you do have special events generating a peak of demand that happen at the time for everyone in the world, like the Black Friday :-(
I think that the page https://trainingportal.linuxfoundation.org/learn/course/green-software-for-practitioners-lfc131/hardware-efficiency/hardware-efficiency?page=1 should be corrected accordingly, especially the infinite sign on the second picture.


  • Hi Patrice – many thanks for your comment. Let me share it with the project team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Note that our answer might be a bit delayed due to the holidays. Best wishes.

  • Hi – thank you for your patience and feedback once again. We agree that the public clouds do not have unlimited spare capacities. However, to conceptually demonstrate the difference between private and public clouds, where the latter gives you greater agility to scale up and down, the infinite sign serves its purpose in this context. We want to emphasise to our readers the potential capability the public clouds can give you during the peak capacity compared to the finite capacity a private cloud can offer. We hope this clarifies.


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