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Cluster and pod status is good, cannot curl basicpod nginx container

Following the setup instructions on AWS and completing 2.2 without any hiccups, I can't successfully curl a pod in 2.3. Looks like there's a lot of iptables rules created, however curling the pod's ip address after adding the container port for nginx hangs at TCP_NODEDELAY.

Node and cluster status and pod deployment all looks good.


  • Hi @ab712,

    Please follow the video tutorial from the introductory chapter on setting up the environment on AWS EC2 instances. It includes critical VPC networking and SG configuration details, to enable communication between the cluster nodes.


  • horatiubota
    horatiubota Posts: 1
    edited September 2023

    If anyone else finds this page, make sure you allow "All traffic" in your SG configuration and not just "All TCP traffic."


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