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CKA Bad experience with PSI Bridge exam - disconnected during exam and cannot continue

pbharathi85 Posts: 4
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I took the CKA exam by Saturday (10th December) at 12:00PM CET and faced several issue with using the exam PSI platform. I`ve completed eight questions when I am moving to 9th question I got issue with "PSI connection disconnected and resumed immediately and then after few mins entire PSI connection disconnected and error says “page cannot be opened “

I`ve tried to open the PSI before end of exam the 15 mins,its lunching but they didnt provide remaining time of the exam(remaining time 90 mins was there while I am moving to 9th question) , one more verification process including one DURING THE EXAM TIME after around 9 minutes and could not completed upgrade question 9th and it was disconnected. I couldn't continue the exam because for some reason and some processes cannot be stopped by Secure Browser - proctor and support where completely here not helpful

I have already reported the problem via Jira ticket on same day (4 days) and still that its showing unassigned state
ago https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/15/TCCS-53119

and opened one more support ticket that also showing as unassigned state


24 hours after taking the exam and my exam is still in status failed .
I still have one retake left but my voucher is valid till 16th December. I am well prepared but cannot join the exam which makes me totally upset. Please let me know how I can take this exam without technical issues and do it before expiration?

Exam name: Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Thank you!
Bharathiraja P


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,904

    Hi @pbharathi85
    It can take multiple business days (no weekends or holidays) for the Support team to respond to your ticket. Opening multiple tickets does not help either.
    Thank you,

  • pbharathi85

    @fcioanca ,

    Thank you for response
    I needed to know if my chance can be regranted, as if this is my second attempt so, I’ve prepared well need to complete certification quickly since that its going to expiring on 16th December,if you are not provide new slot of exam I would not be able to complete my certification.

    I am worried, I need to take up the exam real quick,Can you please help on this ASAP

    Thanks for understanding..

  • pbharathi85


    Thank you for providing swift response/support..

    I am happy since got an new schedule of exam ..Expritation date also extended..

    Thank you once again ...


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