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Office Hour - Dec 12 - Troubleshooting - Recording Available

We did a quick troubleshooting related to installation of a library on centos. The recording will be available or a day or so here




  • Hi @gouravshah

    Why do i get the following error message when I try to watch the recording?

    I tried to watch it last week, but received the same error message. Would you or someone else be able to help? I am just interested to watch the troubleshooting video. Thanks.

  • Hi @Shivinder,

    The recordings are stored for 24 hours only. After that they are deleted.


  • Thanks Luis ( @luisviveropena ). I wasn’t aware. I’ll be real quick from next time :D
    Is there a possibility that this time period can be increased from 1 day to say 1 week? Just asking because this is a self-paced learning class. It is quite possible that people like me, might not be able to login every day and this leads to the possibility that they miss these recordings?

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,769

    Hi @Shivinder

    Office hours are available to bootcamp learners should they need assistance with labs or have various related questions. At the moment there are no plans to extend the availability of the recordings.

    Kind regards,



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