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Elderly woman, new to Linux, any words of wisdom?

Is it midlife crisis of moving with the sign of times. Trying to learn, been using Windows OS for the last forty years, I am want to be available to work on either system. I hope this is a good system to learn. i have discovered that it is either Windows lover or Linux lovers. I like the color coordination though. Wish old people luck.


  • ajra
    ajra Posts: 7

    Learn as if you were going to live all eternity...it is never too late to learn!!!.

    Greetings from someone not so young.

  • Hi @burdw2022, welcome to the forum! If you need any assistance through the course, you can create a post with your inquiries. We also have Office Hours to provide you support.

    Many regards,

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,759

    Hi @burdw2022

    We hope you have a great learning experience. One small clarification - office hours are only available to bootcamp learners.



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