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"Lab 4.1 - Install Jenkins X in GCP" fails due to error GCE_QUOTA_EXCEEDED



would appreciate if somebody could guide me on how to resolve this issue.

Getting the error below no matter which region or max. node count configured:

$ terraform apply
. . .
module.jx.module.cluster.google_container_cluster.jx_cluster: Still creating... [7m50s elapsed]
. . .
 Error: Error waiting for creating GKE cluster: Insufficient quota to satisfy the request:
Not all instances running in IGM after 17.531509935s. Expected 3, runn  ing 2, 
transitioning 1. Current errors: [GCE_QUOTA_EXCEEDED]:
Instance 'gke-jenkins-x-default-pool-d0269c45-sjh5' creation failed:
Quota 'IN_USE_ADDRESSES' exceed  ed.  Limit: 8.0 in region us-central1.

   with module.jx.module.cluster.google_container_cluster.jx_cluster,
   on .terraform/modules/jx/modules/cluster/main.tf line 24, in resource "google_container_cluster" "jx_cluster":
   24: resource "google_container_cluster" "jx_cluster" {

Tried to reduce max_node_count to 3 (from default 5):

$ cat values.auto.tfvars
resource_labels = { "provider" : "jx" }
jx_git_url = "https://github.com/home-systems-oy/jx3-gke-gsm"
gcp_project = "lfs268-370610"
cluster_name = "jenkins-x"
cluster_location = "us-central1"
max_node_count = 3
gsm = true
force_destroy = true

But has no effect and still fails.
During cluster creation GKE console shows "Number of nodes" 9 which exceeds quota of 8 IP_ADDRESSES.

+ Yurii Kantonistov


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