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I didn't receive my CKS exam results/score after 45 hours. Help give me the results ASAP

I have finished my CKS Exam on December 1st 2023 (4pm UTC+8 China shanghai time) . And didn't receive my grading (today is december 3th, 2 days after finished the Exam).
It is supposed to be 24h only. Already created ticket on support yesterday but no response so far. My CKA certificate is expiring on Dec 8th. I think I need to retake the CKS exam. But It's unable to reschedule the exam without grading. However, I have to ensure that the CKA certificate has not expired for retake. I may not have a chance to retake the exam because of the delay of exam results. Can you help me to solve this problem ASAP? It's not my fault. It's very urgent for me.


Support ticket:TCCS-50914 and TCCS-50688

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  • mzhong
    mzhong Posts: 3
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    I have got the score today. I can schedule the retake now. Thanks


  • kuwar2296
    kuwar2296 Posts: 7
    edited December 2022

    Also facing same issue.. i appeared for CKA exam on 2nd December and 24 hours later no result

  • Great, but mine is still pending.. Didn't get results


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