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LFS261 - All new content (11.28.2022)

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LFS261 received a complete makeover today, as the entire course content was updated, and in the process, Spinnaker was replaced with ArgoCD. To ensure you have access to the updated content, please clear your browser cache.

You will need to start over the course content - we apologize for any inconvenience this update may have caused.

The Linux Foundation Training Team


  • It was a shock to me because I am in the last chapter of the old course, and was about solving the knowledge check. What happens to the access deadline since we or I have to take it over again?

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,769

    Access deadline stays the same.

  • That is not fair

  • Yeah, I just finished 4th chapter, I launched the quizz and was kicked out. You should have left the old version and the new one under a different code, like you did with LFS201.

  • I have completed 12 chapters and moving to the last chapter. It is very unfortunate.

  • First of all, you didn't replace the whole content because of some tool that was no longer relevant. You did it because the whole thing was nothing more than a salad of information with huge disconnects between the videos and the pdfs, and many couldn't go through it. It felt like solving some bizzare murder mistery, where as the replacement is concise, clear and effective.

    Second, we need the "foundation" to understand that apologizing simply doesn't work for some of us! What you need to do is offer some form of compensation for wasting many hours of our time, because this is on you!

    Unless the whole operation is ran from some random kitchen...

  • ir37
    ir37 Posts: 2

    So the new content has no videos? @fcioanca

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,769

    Correct, the new content is text-based.

  • ir37
    ir37 Posts: 2

    That is absurd. I mean, the whole reason I bought the course was because it was a video course. Also, now it's done via Google Cloud.

    You should have planned a better release for the new content, I mean, if the course is on CI/CD and you fail to support previous clients, what are we exactly learning from the course here?

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