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Bad experience with CKA exam

lipatovea Posts: 1
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I'm not sure which category i should write it in... today, I had to pass my CKA exam. I was waiting for 40 minutes to be checked-in and finally got a message that all slots are busy because of heavy load and I have to reschedule the exam. I was really disappointed with such attitude. You know, it s a bit nervous to wait for a rather long time the exam starting and got nothing finally. I rescheduled exam and I will make one more attempt to pass one, but it was really bad experience. I thought that it would be a good practice to tell in advance about technical or other problem to test takers


  • do.siekierski

    I certainly wouldn't want to be in that situation. When I took the exam myself, I had no such problems but I was still scared. My camera, while taking a picture of the proof of identity, did not show legible letters because it had too far focus. Fortunately, I was doing it on my laptop and turned on the camera that is built-in.


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