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4.1 don't drain node before apply kubeadm upgrade


Instructions listed here are not draining the master/cp node before the upgrade

Instructions have failed for me listed in this lab.

I have to say i'm very dissatisfied w/ the linux foundation training.


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @cccsss000111,

    I'd recommend taking another look and paying closer attention this time at the information available on the page referenced above, where both drain and uncordon commands are part of control plane and worker nodes upgrade process.


  • cccsss000111
    cccsss000111 Posts: 7
    edited November 2022

    What worked for me, was the kubernetes instructions w/ the link listed above. Their instructions had you upgrade kubeadm, then drain the node to upgrade kubelet and kubectl. The instructions listed in 4.1, has you drain the control node 1st, then upgrade kubeadm w/ kubeadm upgrade apply. The instructions in 4.1 failed me.
    Upgrade cluster,
    Step 6. drain cp
    Step 8. kubeadm upgrade apply on cp


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