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LFD259 - lab exercises updated (11.23.2022)



A new update was pushed live today for LFD259, with lab corrections based on forum reports. To ensure you have access to the latest content, please clear your browser cache.



  • lf1d
    lf1d Posts: 13

    Thank you for the update. Just an FYI:

    Lab 3.2, step 9: "Push the newly tagged image to your local registry. If you receive an error about an HTTP request to an HTTPS client check that you edited the /etc/containers/registry.conf file correctly and restarted the service."

    /etc/containers/registry.conf should be /etc/containers/registries.conf.d/registry.conf.

  • taepyongyang

    In my install of K8s using the provided k8scp.ksh of the course resources, it referred to the use of /etc/containers/registries.conf not /etc/containers/registry.conf as it is mentioned once. But other parts of the resource refer to /etc/containers/registries.conf.

    On nodes that have not run docker or podman, the /etc/containers directory does not yet and needs a nudge by running a test pull of images of alpine from docker.io.

  • dec698

    Does this mean we have to re-create our lab setup? Or the update is just for the lab instructions?

  • taepyongyang

    Depends on when you started the lab (for me Nov 20~), it only affects those that followed the resource for 11.08 and got stuck on Lab 3.2.x due to recent changes in dependencies that affect the K8s install (podman, point to local registry (restart contained)).


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