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Comparing to CKAD, what additional topics should I focus on CKA?


Hi All,

Hope to get help on my journey to CKA exam, I have just passed CKAD exam, though not high score, now I want to continue to nail CKA exam, what are the additional areas I should focus on?

Appreciate if you can shed some light.



  • johnmic
    johnmic Posts: 1

    Hi there,

    Congratulations on passing the CKAD exam! Since you're transitioning to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) level, there are a few areas you might want to focus on:

    Cluster Setup and Configuration: Make sure you are comfortable setting up a Kubernetes cluster from scratch, including configuring various components and network settings.

    Security Best Practices: Dive into Kubernetes security concepts, such as RBAC, Network Policies, and secrets management. Understanding how to secure your cluster is crucial for the CKA exam.

    Cluster Maintenance: Learn about cluster upgrades, backup and restore procedures, and troubleshooting common issues. Practical experience in keeping a cluster healthy is important.

    Advanced Networking: Deepen your knowledge of Kubernetes networking, including Service types, DNS configuration, and Ingress controllers.

    Storage Management: Explore how to manage persistent storage in Kubernetes, including different storage classes, PVs, and PVCs.

    Resource Management: Understand how to allocate resources to pods effectively, including CPU and memory management, and deal with resource constraints.

    Cluster Monitoring and Logging: Familiarize yourself with monitoring tools and techniques for Kubernetes clusters, as well as logging best practices.

    API Access and Control: Learn about the Kubernetes API and how to interact with it using tools like kubectl. This includes creating and managing resources through the API.

    Multi-Node Clusters: If you haven't already, experiment with multi-node clusters and understand how they differ from single-node setups.

    Practice, Practice, Practice: Similar to the CKAD, hands-on practice is key. Use platforms like Katacoda or set up your own lab environment to work on real-world scenarios.

    Remember, the CKA exam is more focused on cluster administration and system-level tasks. It's a step up from the CKAD in terms of complexity and depth. By concentrating on the areas mentioned above and practicing regularly, you'll be well-prepared to excel in the CKA exam.


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