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LFS201 vs LFS207

laetsch Posts: 2
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Hi all

I now see LFS201 AND LFS207 in my portal view. What is the difference in content? And which course does the exam build on?

Thanks in advance.

BR Tobias


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    We have sent a notification email earlier in the week. LFS201 covers the domains and competencies of the current LFCS version. However, LFCS will be updated in February 2023, and LFS207 covers domains and competencies of the upcoming LFCS, but can also be used to prepare for the current exam version. LFS201 only preparea for the current exam version. Depending on when you plan to take the exam, you can go through one course or the other, or both.

  • WikiSteve

    The new LFCS domains has Work with SSL certificates under Essential Commands.

    I am registered in LFS207 and was hoping to refresh my knowledge on how to properly configure and troubleshoot SSL certs but I cannot locate the content in LFS207.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    The LDAP chapter is the only place where where SSL is discussed specifically. I don't know what is on the exam, but as one of the course authors, and having read the domain description (the only exam-related direct resource we use to decide what content to use) I confess the information was too vague to go into detail on, and we did not see what kind of performance-related question could be designed. This is not an unusual situation, as we try to design the best course we can to prepare people to find and upgrade their careers -- not just pass an exam. If students find that there is exam material that is not covered, and they inform us we can re-design, but if we go into detail on everything in the exam domains, the course would be even more mammoth (it is already by far the longest course we have and requires LFS101x or equivalent as a pre-requisite.) And then students would get lost and study all sorts of corner cases etc. Exams are designed by committee, courses by individuals and the priorities are not always the same, and the content cannot be vague in the courses themselves, unlike in the domains. I'm sorry but this honest answer is the best we can offer. In short, it probably is irrelevant that it is not discussed in detail.


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