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CKAD Exam Tunnel Error

abhayasahoo Posts: 1
edited December 2023 in LFD259 Class Forum


I appeared for the CKAD Exam and got Tunnel Error exception 75-80 minutes into the test. It asked me to click on End Exam or try reloading. After several attempts and loss of time, it worked and I had to launch the terminal again and set the context again. I also noticed that the terminal shut down on its own (sometimes after Proctor interruptions on adjusting webcam) and I had to relaunch it several times. I am wondering if it is common with the new PSI platform introduced in June 2022 or it is a one-off case.

Although, I raised a ticket for Linux Foundation to reset the attempt, I have not got any response yet. Do they reset the attempt in case of such technical issues with the new PSI Exam UI / remote desktop?



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