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podCIDR error when creating Flannel network

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I'm creating a cluster using Kelsey Hightowers "Kubernetes the hard way", with some customization. I'm doing it locally using KVM, for instance. Also not HA. I intend it to be 1 cp master and 2 worker nodes.

I'm using this manifest for Flannel:

I've provisioned a CP master and a worker node. When I create the Flannel overlay network I get an error about podCIDR and the flannel ds does not come up.

Running: kubectl -n kube-flannel logs kube-flannel-ds-ws8lj
I get:

Error registering network: failed to acquire lease: node "c2-worker1" pod cidr not assigned

Because it's a cluster, I'm not configuring podCIDR in kubelet on the worker node:

--pod-cidr string
The CIDR to use for pod IP addresses, only used in standalone mode. In cluster mode, this is obtained from the master.


I can manually add podCIDR to the node applying a patch:
kubectl patch nodes c2-worker1 --patch '{"spec": {"podCIDR":""}}'
Then, Flannel overlay network comes up as expected.

What's happening here?

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  • pnts
    pnts Posts: 33
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    I solved it.

    I needed to pass --allocate-node-cidrs=true to the kube-controller-manager.

    I'm running it as a systemd service. The start of the unit file looks like this:

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/kube-controller-manager \
      --cluster-cidr= \
      --allocate-node-cidrs=true \

    Now each node is assigned a /24 each and it works as expected without a manual patch.

    kubectl describe nodes | grep -i cidr



  • nuthan
    nuthan Posts: 1

    can you please mention file name to edit

  • pnts
    pnts Posts: 33
    edited March 2023

    @nuthan That would be the systemd service file for kube-controller-manager.
    It should be somewhere under /etc/systemd/system/

    Note that kube-controller-manager would be run as a pod if you created your cluster with kubeadm.


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