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problems accessing the apps on K8s


I have problems accessing any app on k8s, please help. These are my firewall rules

I have already updated he one that says finishes in -all:

these are my VM instances:

these are my workloads:

my dockerhub id is donquijotedelasnubes as well, if you could recreate this with my images would be nice.

this is my result app service ports:

and this is my vote-service app service ports:

to be honest, the port-forwarding didn't work for me either. I tried both from my local machine and from a VM in digital ocean (the same that I was using for this whole course)


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    Hi @donquijotedelasnubes,

    It's a bit difficult to understand what all the firewall rules are allowing and/or blocking. For the dedicated Kubernetes courses we recommend for the lab environment a custom VPC with a single firewall rule to allow traffic from all sources, to all ports, all protocols.



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