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LFS258 - course updated to v1.25.1 (10.21.2022)


LFS258 has been updated to v1.25.1; the majority of changes are in the labs, with small updates mainly in chapters 2,3, and 15.

To ensure you have access to the latest version, please clear your cache.

The Linux Foundation Training Team


  • Hi Flavia,

    I am just starting this course. What do you mean by "clear your cache"???

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    She simply means clear your browser cache in whatever web browser you are using

  • I noticed that we add a GPG signing key for the docker apt repo, but... we use Ubuntu's repos to install containerd. Why the docker signing key, if we're not going to use it?

    Also, adding keys should not be done with apt-key since it's deprecated.


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