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Can We Use WSL2 for linux kernel development ?


If so then how can we set it up


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    The course author, may have a different answer, but I personally do not recommend it. WSL can be useful for doing a lot of Linux things without actually using Linux but you do not have as much control over the kernel. As long as you don't need to work on actual hardware for device drivers etc, you can use a free hypervisor such as VMWare Player or Virtual Box just fine on a windows machine and have a full Linux workstation environment without having a dual boot system. Doing an install of your favorite Linux distribution is like a 20 minute operation these days. Maybe it is just me, but every time I have experimented with WSL I have wasted far more time than I saved.

  • h3athen

    Thank You, I am using a VM now. But How do I boot the kernel since EFI is not supported VMs

  • iamshimantadas

    i know that kernel/linux systems does not depend on GPT/MBR related things. you can use any linux os as MBR partition.

  • rauji
    rauji Posts: 2

    Get old Laptop, try to install light weight Linux (if Intel try to install clearOS works really well on old laptop/desktops). WSL is NOT for kernel development


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