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Lab 11.1 step 6-8


kubectl -n accounting get deploy nginx-one -o yaml | \linkerd inject - | kubectl apply -f -

Produces an error: no objected passed to apply

when I curl ip service-lab IP address I get a connection refused. What did I miss in the instructions?


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,208

    Hi @mabricker,

    There are several things that could have been missed. Considering that this particular exercise builds on top of API resources created as early as exercise 9.1, I would recommend revisiting those exercise steps to validate that the resources are still active in your cluster. That is the Deployment ready and its Pod replicas running, the Service showing endpoints - ensuring a match between Pod labels and the Service selector, the correct container port exposed by the service...

    After making all necessary corrections and successful validation, the linkerd inject command should work, assuming the correct syntax is used - multi-line as presented, or modified as single line.



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