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adding db service (postgres database)

edited October 2022 in LFS261 Class Forum

Hi there,

Im stuck again, trying to run the db. I'm doing everything exactly as in the video, but for some reason when I put the command docker-compose ps, it shows me this:

     Name                          Command               State                     Ports                  
example-voting-app_db_1       docker-entrypoint.sh postgres    Exit 1                                           
example-voting-app_redis_1    docker-entrypoint.sh redis ...   Up       6379/tcp                                
example-voting-app_result_1   docker-entrypoint.sh /bin/ ...   Up>4000/tcp,:::5046->4000/tcp
example-voting-app_vote_1     gunicorn app:app -b 0.0.0. ...   Up>80/tcp,:::5045->80/tcp    
example-voting-app_worker_1   /usr/local/bin/mvn-entrypo ...   Up              

I already checked if I have another postgres db on my system (I don't)...

any help?



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