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login access for multiple subdomains



I took a VPS recently, It's with Debian 11 and I use Apache2. I creates a main domain for example mydomain.com, and I would need to create different subdomains with different CMS on them for testing purposes, so for example cms1.mydomain.com, cms2.mydomain.com, cms3.mydomain.com etc. They would be about 15/20 plus further subdomains with other things.

I know I'm probably asking for something impossible, but my questions is: Is there any way to create a login page common to all my subdomains? I would prefer to have these subdomains only accessible on sign in, since only my team will be using them, about 15 people, I don't want them public. But I can't code sessions on every subdomain that I create, I would like to find a way to have only one login page that would give you access to all the subdomains that I created, and that I'm going to add. For example login.mywebsite.com, once you log here you have access to all the other subdomains. Is this even possible? Thank you very much for your help in advance!



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