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Anyone having problems scheduling the LFCS exam ?

Hello, I bought the LFS201 + LFCS exam bundle.
Already finished the course and in the last days have been trying to schedule the exam. Unfortunately, when it redirects to the PSI webpage and I click schedule the page hangs (the loading circle never disappears).
I tried in different days and hours without any success.
Anyone had a similar problem or has suggestions on what to do?

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  • kbarratt
    kbarratt Posts: 38
    edited October 2022 Answer ✓

    Hi @dguim

    I am sorry to hear you experienced issues trying to schedule your exam. Please open a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org and they will assist you.



    The Linux Foundation Training Team


  • jdpillar
    jdpillar Posts: 1

    For anyone interested, I had this problem repeatedly on Firefox, but it worked immediately on Chrome.


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