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Issues on every lab

Is it commonplace to not be able to follow these directions? I am only on Lab 4.1 and with every module, I have spent more time troubleshooting issues that end up being missing information and lack of resources. I finished up the 3.x series labs, on to 4.1 and who wouldv'e guessed and I cant make it past step 2.... ".... etcd-(tab)..." produces no results. Does this mean that I somehow dont have etcd running?


  • oleksazhel
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    may be you forgot to add -n kube-system what exact command do you use before pressing TAB?

  • Thanks for the reply. I am typing verbatim lab 4.1 step 2.

    kubectl -n kube-system exec -it etcd-(tab) -- sh

    When attempting to tab out the command... I get nowhere. Does etcd need to be created/started? Lesson 4.1 introduced etcd so I assume it was created when standing up the cp and worker instances. Any clarity here is appreciated as I am about to give up on this training.

  • @mabricker yeah etcd is the core service for Kates where stored everything about cluster objects. You can try to check what pods are running in kube-system namespace with command kubectl -n kube-system get pods. If you can find this pod among output it means that you simply didn't add autocompletion or didn't add it correctly to '~/.bashrc'. You can run source <(kubectl completion bash) in bash or add it to .bashrc for permanent solution.

  • Thanks for the clarification here. I do have completion bash set, although it appears that kubelet is not actually running from systemd.


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