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LFS260 need update


Please update LFS260 files and course content.

There is a new version of the certificate and a lot of things in the course do not work. Once ubuntu 18 is needed other times 20.... It is impossible to do this course.


  • do.siekierski

    I see that there has been no response so far.

    What system is the exam being conducted on? The environment is set up on ubuntu 18?

  • rob2g2
    rob2g2 Posts: 2

    +1 for emphasizing that this course needs a big update. I am not really satisfied. Ubuntu 18 is nearly end of life, but used in a security related course? Also - why does it teach pod security policies where we know from other courses like CKA that this is obsolete. Furthermore, kubernetes version 1.23 is used, whereas CKA uses version 1.25. I am well aware that it's a big chunk of work to update the course, however, considering the amount of subscribers and the financial means behind this should really be possible in a reasonable timeframe...


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