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LFCS Upcoming Changes / Cert Questions

Hi all,

New to the LF forums so hello there👋

I'm currently interested in pursuing some linux / cloud related certs. I have quite a lot of hands on experience over a 10y span, of a widely varied nature, wrt to both linux/cloud domains but feel it necessary to develop a full breadth of knowledge inline with LF cert offerings and to maintain pace and readiness in the current job market. My background is from a full stack development perspective using a number of languages/technologies.

At time of writing my interests being LFCS / LFCE, some K8s related and one/two cloud provider specific related certs, quite a lot to take on I know but fairly comfortable in this environment already so they'd serve as more of a refresher / confirmation of skills/experience over the years.

My questions are:

  • With the upcoming changes to LFCS/LFCE how relevant is(are) the current course(s') content; and
  • is it worth pursuing all of the training courses in the learning path or does the LFS201 course cover everything required for LFCS to begin with? (note, not to shortcut passing, just a little confused as to what will be included in the exam)

Thanks in advance!



  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,761

    Hi Richard,

    Please note that for LFCS, the current LFS201 and LFS101x (edX) are recommended courses. In addition, lots of practice will also improve your chances of passing the exam. Regarding what is included in the exam, please check the LFCS exam domains and competencies to understand what you should be proficient with, as exam exercises will cover those domains and competencies. Depending on when you are planning to take the LFCS exam, you may take the current version, or it may be the updated version. Nonetheless, LFS201 and LFS101x are considered good preparation. We are currently working on updated training materials that will go with the upcoming LFCS changes, and we will let everyone know when they will become available.

    As far as the LFCE exam goes, please note that it has been discontinued as of May 2022.


  • rd86
    rd86 Posts: 2

    Hi Flavia,

    Many thanks for the quick response it's appreciated. OK I'm on the right track then with learning the appropriate material via LFS101x, also lots of practice over the years but quite sparse in terms of areas covered. I've found even the first few chapters of LFS101x to be very helpful so far with refreshing my memory on the basics - every little helps!

    Thanks again,

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,761

    Hi Richard,

    LFS101x is the starting point on the learning journey, covering basic topics that are not duplicated in LFS201. LFS201 is the next step in the learning journey.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Flavia,
    Is it possible to give us a vague idea/range regarding the update of the training material ? It would be very convenient if it was released before the LFCS exam update.


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