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Problem adding Jenkins Status badges to GitHub

Hi there, I am doing everything exatly as pointed out in the videos but Im not getting the status to refresh on github. You can see that after a pair of failed attempts; I managed to configure the webhooks correctly:

but later, the status doesnt update on the README.md file:

even though I can see from the Jenkins server that it is triggering a new build just by updating the README.md file several times:

This is my github profile:
This is my jenkins server:


  • @donquijotedelasnubes have you configured your github credentials on Jenkins server ?

  • Hello,
    The same issue, however, am I using ngrok.

  • @gouravshah , yes I've done it, in fact when I copy some of the other links I can see that it's working, but with the one that updates automatically on gitHub, it doesn't. I have finished the chapter 9 of your course now, and so far this is the only thing that haven't worked for me :'(

  • Hi @donquijotedelasnubes , I'll do a test case to see if I can reproduce the issue. It will take some time and I'll give you feedback as soon as I have done it.


  • donquijotedelasnubes
    edited October 2022

    thanks @luisviveropena... this is my problem:

    these ones work

    but these ones doesn't:
    Build Status

  • Hi @donquijotedelasnubes , can you tell us what are the differences between both systems? What I would do in that case is to compare OS's, software versions, etc., anything that can explain the different behaviors.


  • hi, between what systems? my jenkins container is running on top of an Ubuntu VM over Digital Ocean. My only problem here is that the embeddable build status is not working, I just copy and paste it from Jenkins to Github, and it doesn't update during the build, or after the build.

    root@ubuntu-s-2vcpu-4gb-nyc1-01:~ # cat /etc/os-release 
    PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS"
    VERSION="22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)"
    root@ubuntu-s-2vcpu-4gb-nyc1-01:~/example-voting-app (feature/testing)# docker ps
    CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                          COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS      PORTS                                                                                                                NAMES
    07025d856111   docker:dind                    "dockerd-entrypoint.…"   2 days ago    Up 2 days>2376/tcp, :::2376->2376/tcp, 2375/tcp,>5045-5046/tcp, :::5045-5046->5045-5046/tcp   setup_docker_1
    60a052818b8c   jenkins-blueocean:2.347-slim   "/usr/bin/tini -- /u…"   2 weeks ago   Up 2 days>8080/tcp, :::8080->8080/tcp,>50000/tcp, :::50000->50000/tcp                             setup_jenkins_1


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