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Chapter 2 Cloud Security Overview

In chapter 2, under cloud security there is section Hardware with following content

Projects like Platform AbstRaction for SECurity (PARSEC) are trying to provide a common API to security services abstracted from the particular platform. More details can be found on GitHub.

According to The Parsec Book,

"Parsec aims to define a universal software standard for interacting with secure object storage and cryptography services, creating a common way to interface with functions that would traditionally have been accessed by more specialized APIs."

The project aims to allow applications to utilize primitives in a platform-agnostic way while also supporting a range of applications on the same system.

So, why is this section called hardware? Am I missing something?

Also, in the same chapter there is 2 times the same section title "High Value Asset Protection" with different contents...

This kind of sloppiness causes confusion and dissatisfaction with students and on the other side it is very easy to correct it... :s

I don't have a problem with labs that don't work due to version updates. I understand that everything is evolving and moving fast and that it is hard to keep up. One can also argue that by solving these kind of problems students become independent and broaden their skills. But publishing courses (and after more than a dozen courses I took with LF I can say that it is sadly not an isolated case) with unfinished sentences, unrelated chapter titles, etc. is just annoying, rude and disrespectful. Isn't there anyone that proof reads these courses?



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