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About local registry: should that be persistent?

Hi There,

I guess I better ask as it has puzzled me for past few weeks. It is about image's local registry, I am using VM on Windows for K8s nodes. My question is: is local image registry persistent and exist after Windows shutdown and restart? If yes, then, where I should check to make mine also persistent? Thanks

After restart my Windows, then start up my nodes, my registry catalog is empty, as it is shown below:
vagrant@cp:~$ curl $repo/v2/_catalog
vagrant@cp:~$ echo $repo

Of course, after newly push to registry, it is available as long as the VM is running:
vagrant@cp:~$ sudo podman images
docker.io/library/busybox latest 2bd29714875d 2 weeks ago 1.46 MB
localhost/simpleapp latest 4b57e3e76443 2 weeks ago 976 MB latest 4b57e3e76443 2 weeks ago 976 MB
docker.io/library/python 3 4f9baf941f8e 2 weeks ago 943 MB
c98db043bed9 3 weeks ago 1.47 MB latest 9c6f07244728 7 weeks ago 5.83 MB

vagrant@cp:~$ sudo podman tag simpleapp $repo/simpleapp
vagrant@cp:~$ sudo podman push $repo/simpleapp
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob a89d1d47b5a1 done
Copying blob e415d98a6647 done
Copying config 4b57e3e764 done
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
vagrant@cp:~$ curl $repo/v2/_catalog


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  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,012
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    Hi @caishaoping,

    The local registry, based on its current storage configuration, is not persistent across VM restarts.



  • lf1d
    lf1d Posts: 13

    The wrong command was used when generating easyregistry.yaml. To enable persistence, the correct command is kompose convert -f docker-compose.yaml -o localregistry.yaml —volumes hostPath.

    The current command used, which does not correctly configure persistence, is kompose convert -f docker-compose.yaml -o localregistry.yaml


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