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What a horrible experience taking the CKAD exam and what a poor support:


I was registered to take my CKAD exam Tuesday September 20th at 3:00 PM CST. I took three days off from work so that I am ready for the exam. On Tuesday September 20th at 2:30 I logged in. It took three hours for proctor to allow me to start my exam. In these three hours I open two support ticket both sessions they asked me to reboot my laptop and clean up my camera. Anyhow after three hours I was told that I am ready to take the exam. Even then the system was not working for me. I was told to open a ticket and reschedule the exam. I called the help desk again and I was told that someone will either email or will call me to reschedule the exam in next five days. I did not receive any email or call. After five days I call the help desk and provided all the info and ticket number that was open. I was told that everything should be completed I can login to training portal and register for the exam. After I logged in, I found out I cannot register for the exam. I called back and the next operator told me to call this number for help: 1-415-723-9709. The only thing I can do when calling this number is to leave a message for operator to call back. I called this number and left message several time and got no respond. I called back the helpdesk and this time I was told is to email @trainingsupport@linuxfoundation.org which bounce back with the message “that email address is no longer support request please login to training support using your LF login and use the search bar to find an answer to your question”. No answer was found in the link provided.

I called the help desk again and I was told to forward the bounce message to them which I did. In the evening after few hours I got an email saying just search FAQ to find the answer.

I called again the helpdesk this time a new operator told me that she will call back in few minutes after checking with supervisor no one called.

I also opened up a jira and got no response yet. This is the Jira ticket:

I have documented all the calls I have made and the operator that I have talk to. It seems like PSI have no knowledge how to answer any questions. Each call takes about half an hour, and you get no answer.

Does anyone else is going through same issue. Also, can anyone please help.


  • downvoteit
    downvoteit Posts: 2
    edited September 2022

    On 28th Sept I had a camera issue while taking the CKAD. Created a jira ticket with the LF, and got a response from the PSI telling to handle this directly with the LF. As of now I am still waiting for any response.

  • fcioanca
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    Hi @downvoteit

    It may take several business days to receive a response, as the Customer Support team handles tickets in the order they are received. Thank you for your patience.



  • Oh boy, i had a story also with them 1.5 hour on the phone when some guys was trying to convinve my that my internet is too bad for the exam :hushed:. Those guys from "technical" support have no idea what they are talking about. I was really pissed off.

  • hassanjiwani

    I just want to say that my problem was resolved by Linux Jira ticket. I can reschedule the exam. Thanks. As per the Jira ticket the issue is with PSI and they are escalating it so that it does not occur again. Thanks for taking care of this for me.

  • downvoteit

    Mine was also rescheduled quite quickly. Thanks to LF for the assistance.

  • aidi2518
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    I am having the same issue. I sent numerous tickets, emails and even call not a single response and it's been 3 days today. I had technical issue and I was told I could reschedule the exam since then there nothing I can do . I need your help please

  • kbarratt
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    Hello @aidi2518,

    We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. It can take several business days (no holidays or weekends) for the Support team to respond, depending on the volume. Thank you for your patience while they work to assist all students.


    Kassidy Barratt
    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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