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Exam did not launch


After months of preparation, a week of practice, huddling with colleagues and planning strategies, and feeling confident, few of us attempted CKA exam this Sunday. We had external monitor, external webcam with USB cable, everyone from family was thrown out of the house to make sure home internet is only for me.

Proctors had terrible time verifying ID. PSI Browser crashed randomly while webcam was moved. I went through 4 proctors each trying to verify ID and somewhat succeeding and ultimately failing. When a proctor launched the exam finally for me, PSI browser was blank! Gave up and called tech support at 855-852-0920 and they created a ticket for me, and after 1h 50m on phone, with their screen sharing app, we were trying to figure out why exam doesn't launch! But we could not!

I plan to use a different machine and a different location, learning from this disaster!

As the exam did not start at all, I expected to be able to reschedule, but my dashboard shows "being evaluated" even after 48 hrs of this situation. Created TCCS-43952 finally with Linux Foundation. How long does it take to hear back from them?


  • mandar.shivrekar

    Exact similar situation for me too! The exam did not start for me after it was released. I just was blank white screen on the PSI browser. Apparently all pre-exam system checks had passed successfully. Spent lots of frustrating hours with technical support, but with no results. Felt sad and demoralized on that day. Hope LKF allows rescheduling new exam soon, so I can take another attempt while the preparations are fresh in my mind.


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