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05. Leveraging Docker to Simplify Development - Build Failure

I am unable to build the spring-boot application as I keep getting the build failure error as shown in the attached picture.

I downloaded the spring-boot zipped file, unzipped and moved to a root project directory /home/rowland/learning/ci-cd/ci-cd_projects.

Then, I ran the following commands in the order below.

docker container run --rm -it -v /home/rowland/learning/ci-cd/ci-cd_projects:/app maven:alpine sh (I have also tried other tags and even used bash instead of sh, but to no success).

docker -version
docker spring-boot:run -f app/pom.xml

I need help to build the application, and if possible, an explanation on the cause.


  • The last 5 [ERROR] lines provide ways to investigate the error. You need to do that yourself. Please ask more specific questions if you are unsure of the meaning of any of the suggestions or the results they generate.

  • Hi @rowlandr71, the error is due the Java version you choose in the Spring Boot application. So you selected the default one, which is 17, and it's not supported for that code. You have to choose 8, as indicated in the video.

    So @gnwiii is right :)


  • Thank you very much @luisviveropena. It is working now.

  • Hi @rowlandr71 , it's a pleasure!


  • I made the same mistake. I selected Java Version 17 in the Spring Initializr webpage. The reason being that in the Lab 3: Revision Control with Git, on the Page 3 of the PDF, in the screenshot, version 17 is highlighted.
    I guess this needs to be fixed. I am pasting a screenshot of what I see in the PDF.

    The screenshot of the Lab Page

    The screenshot zoomed in for your convenience. If you see, it clearly highlights version 17 in there, which will lead to Build Failures.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,858


    The lab was updated as of 12.14.2022 due to changes upstream, as it no longer worked with Java 11, and Java 17 was the solution. The previous issues were reported before the course content was completely redone on 11.28.2022, so they should no longer be relevant.

  • Shivinder
    Shivinder Posts: 45
    edited December 2022

    @fcioanca Thank you for the prompt response. I guess I figured out the reason why it happened.

    I am following the Lab Exercises, which I downloaded from the Resources section of the Course. On the Page 36 where we are asked to select Java version 11. I guess I intermixed the docker container run commands from the End-of-Chapter Lab PDF and the PDF I downloaded from the Resources section. My bad. I thought they both would have identical content. But it’s different.

    I am pasting a screenshot of the Page 36 from the PDF I downloaded from the Resources section of the Course.

    I hope it helps. Thanks again.

  • fcioanca
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    The pdfs are versioned by date, and that will always point out if there could be any discrepancies. I see your pdf is 11.28.2022, vs the individual lab which is 12.14.2022. The course has a new pdf for all labs dated 12.14.2022, with correct Java version - so it depends when you downloaded your version, but it seems to be before 12.14.2022.

  • @fcioanca I just checked that I had the previous version of the PDF file from the Resources section.
    After posting here in this post, I checked the Resources section once again for any updates. And I found that the updated version of the PDF was posted there about ~6 days ago. I had the older one.
    I have checked the content there is up-to-date with the Lab PDF at the end of the chapter.

    Please forgive me for my ignorance. Thanks for the prompt reply once again, Flavia.

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,858

    @Shivinder No need to apologize - I hope you are enjoying the course.




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