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05. Leveraging Docker to Simplify Development - Build Failure

I am unable to build the spring-boot application as I keep getting the build failure error as shown in the attached picture.

I downloaded the spring-boot zipped file, unzipped and moved to a root project directory /home/rowland/learning/ci-cd/ci-cd_projects.

Then, I ran the following commands in the order below.

docker container run --rm -it -v /home/rowland/learning/ci-cd/ci-cd_projects:/app maven:alpine sh (I have also tried other tags and even used bash instead of sh, but to no success).

docker -version
docker spring-boot:run -f app/pom.xml

I need help to build the application, and if possible, an explanation on the cause.


  • gnwiii
    gnwiii Posts: 3

    The last 5 [ERROR] lines provide ways to investigate the error. You need to do that yourself. Please ask more specific questions if you are unsure of the meaning of any of the suggestions or the results they generate.

  • Hi @rowlandr71, the error is due the Java version you choose in the Spring Boot application. So you selected the default one, which is 17, and it's not supported for that code. You have to choose 8, as indicated in the video.

    So @gnwiii is right :)


  • Thank you very much @luisviveropena. It is working now.

  • Hi @rowlandr71 , it's a pleasure!



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