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Lab 5.1 - the project repo is created in my personal github account intead of my organization


Hi all,

After a few days trying the execute the Lab 4 (cluster installation with kuberhealthy) and then the Lab 5 of LFS268, I ended up in creating an issue at Jenkins X at https://github.com/jenkins-x/jx/issues/8356 :

The golang project repo is created on my personal github account instead of the organization one. And I really cannot understand why. I tried several things but nothing works :

Please consider that I am really blocked with this Jenkins X whole topic, which is 1/5 of the whole devops bootcamp program

Thank you for your help, in the meantime I will keep reading the documentation and then switch to other trainings

Thank you for your help

Kind regards

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  • laurent.roffe
    laurent.roffe Posts: 17
    Answer ✓

    I could make it work under the following condition ! but at first sight the jx code to detect the organisation is very very tricky, and I still don't undertand how it works in fact (especially I saw that JX even call github API to check the user organisation : you can try it yourself :-)

    curl -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <my token>" https://api.github.com/user/orgs

    Here is the command to make it work, with starting with LFS268-

    export TF_VAR_jx_bot_username="<my personal github username>"
    jx project quickstart --git-kind github --git-server https://github.com --git-token <my token> --git-username <my personal github username> --org <my github organization name>

    Hope it can help some of you


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