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Lab 4.1 - cluster installation fails due to kuberhealthy

laurent.roffe Posts: 17
edited September 2022 in LFS268 Class Forum

Hi all,

The cluster installation seem not so straightforward on GCP, with terraform apply command

I had some issues with IAM accounts creation failing, some errors due to number of occurrence limitation of google API, all that was solved by retrying again several times the command tf apply (I also manually upgraded the k8s cluster version to 1.23 directly in the GCP console)

at the end there was still an error seemingly due to kuberhealthy, with a CRD ressource not found in the API version mentioned. here is the error :

module.jx.module.cluster.module.jx-health[0].helm_release.kuberhealthy: Creating...
│ Error: failed to install CRD crds/khcheck.yaml: resource mapping not found for name: "khchecks.comcast.github.io" namespace: "" from "": no matches for kind "CustomResourceDefinition" in version "apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1"
│ ensure CRDs are installed first
│   with module.jx.module.cluster.module.jx-health[0].helm_release.kuberhealthy,
│   on .terraform/modules/jx.cluster.jx-health/main.tf line 1, in resource "helm_release" "kuberhealthy":
│    1: resource "helm_release" "kuberhealthy" {

I found that this issue seem to be logged at the link below (quite recently) and that fortunately it is possible to install the cluster without kuberhealthy :


Let's hope that this partial installation will not geopardize the rest of the training and that this error will be fixed soon

I would appreciate any advise or hint, to troubleshoot this error, since for now I lack too much knowledge about terraform and its integration with helm to be able to identify the root cause of this issue



  • cristianbl

    Same here, I cannot deploy as per the instructions due to kuberhealthy. Thank you for the workaround Laurent.

  • Sudoaptgetgood

    Yup, same for me, but updating the values with kuberhealthy = false (after deleting both local / github repos > re cloning > pushing back to origin) returned with the same issue.

  • adrien6910


    Same here, due to kuberhealthy.
    Some feedback about this ?

    Thank you.

  • marciocastelobranco3
    edited April 2023

    Good morning, I was successful using the newest version follow the site:



    However, I still have to use

    kuberhealthy = false

    jx verify install
    Checking pod statuses
    waiting up to 2m0s for pods to be ready
    jenkins-x-chartmuseum-6df8675776-w7z6n Running
    jx-build-controller-86cb95f444-rwnfm Running
    jx-pipelines-visualizer-677f5f9688-ff46v Running
    jx-preview-gc-jobs-28027530-n25mq Succeeded
    lighthouse-foghorn-68d6885645-9f526 Running
    lighthouse-gc-jobs-28027530-r5sc5 Succeeded
    lighthouse-keeper-666c8fbfbc-tgktc Running
    lighthouse-tekton-controller-7f76dd795b-prm6h Running
    lighthouse-webhooks-5487c5d4b7-sttfg Running
    nexus-nexus-9547b94c7-hllzc Running


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