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Video is not playing

samarjavadian Posts: 6
edited September 2022 in LFS201 Class Forum

Hi, I am not sure if there is any videos for Demo: Main Consumers of Storage on CentOS in LFS201 course. I am not sure if the course has any videos or I can't see them. Can you help me how to play the videos. the screen is white under this chapter.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,721

    Hi @samarjavadian

    There are a number of videos throughout the course (intro and demo videos), and they do work. What OS/browser are you using? Are there any firewalls that may be preventing you from playing them? We cannot reproduce the error you mention.


  • Hi @fcioanca. I was using Microsoft edge. It seems that when I used chrome, the issue was resolved. Thank you so much.


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