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Lesson 02. Linux Filesystem Tree Layout – /run

The chapter /run in lesson 02. Linux Filesystem Tree Layout begins with "A new directory tree mounted at /run has been in use for several years by major Linux distributions, and, while proposed for FHS, it has not been formally accepted." On the other hand in FHS online documentation is Chapter 3. The Root Filesystem - 3.15. /run : Run-time variable data. Not sure how important it is, but please explain whether the /run directory is in FHS or not. Thank you!


  • Hi @hricky,

    Yep, it seems it's already included by the FHS. Look at the documentation:

    From https://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/FHS_3.0/fhs/ch05s13.html

    "5.13. /var/run : Run-time variable data
    5.13.1. Purpose
    This directory was once intended for system information data describing the system since it was booted. These functions have been moved to /run; this directory exists to ensure compatibility with systems and software using an older version of this specification."

    I hope that helps.


  • hricky
    hricky Posts: 14

    Thank you @luisviveropena!

    So therefore probably is a good idea to correct the chapter /run in Lesson 02. Linux Filesystem Tree Layout.


  • It's a pleasure @hricky!

    Thanks for the suggestion. Coop will take a look to it and decide what's best, for sure.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    you have answered the question yourself in the affirmative. Thanks. I thought I posted his before. It will be corrected in the next version


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