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[IDEA] Multi-distribution repository for each app


Idea is to replace LSB (it still exists?). Windows have to contains multiple version of the same app and deliver library, which are tied to work with application user tries to run.

For example: If application had bug caused by Windows and MS removes it, it still could provide older version of library for another app, where fix causing other problems. That is a way MS provide backward-compatibility.

Why do not do the same. Provide repo for each library and list of hash to merge for each (even closed-source) app. When app exist with error, user report this to distro vendors. Distro vendor could see in our repo if there exist set of library for some app, fork it, merge one's changes and releases it as compatible library. Or user could download sources and compile it by themselves. There is also way to do this automatically - simply calculating hash of executable and name of it and searching for each required library and version needed by app. This automatic mechanism download sources, merging changes needed to made app working, merging distro maintainers changes and compiles.

There must also exist mechanism for providing libraries with changes, like in Windows.


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