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[Lab 5.1] Linkerd pre-checks fail

Linkerd says the cluster version is too old, is there a quick fix with kind:

$ linkerd check --pre
Linkerd core checks

√ can initialize the client
√ can query the Kubernetes API

× is running the minimum Kubernetes API version
    Kubernetes is on version [1.18.2], but version [1.21.0] or more recent is required
    see https://linkerd.io/2.12/checks/#k8s-version for hints
√ is running the minimum kubectl version

√ control plane namespace does not already exist
√ can create non-namespaced resources
√ can create ServiceAccounts
√ can create Services
√ can create Deployments
√ can create CronJobs
√ can create ConfigMaps
√ can create Secrets
√ can read Secrets
√ can read extension-apiserver-authentication configmap
√ no clock skew detected

√ can determine the latest version
√ cli is up-to-date

Status check results are ×

Kind version is 0.8.1:

$ kind version
kind v0.8.1 go1.14.2 linux/amd64


  • Kind version 0.11.0 goes well

  • After the pre-checks, the step linkerd install --crds | kubectl apply -f - is needed:

    linkerd install --crds | kubectl apply -f -
    linkerd install | kubectl apply -f -
    linkerd check
    linkerd viz install | kubectl apply -f -
    kubectl -n linkerd-viz get pods
    linkerd viz check
    linkerd dashboard
  • The tap command has changed too:

    Command "tap" is deprecated, use instead 'linkerd viz tap [flags] (RESOURCE)'


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