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Problem faced during CKAD exam- couldn't pass due to new exam SW issue

Recently, I appeared in the CKAD exam and failed ( definitely not due to my lack of preparation). I successfully cleared the CKA exam last year without any issue but this time it's different. First, I had to install a PSI browser for remote connections, that's okay not a problem (though I had to get approval from the office IT deptt). But the problem started when I tried to use the Kubernetes documents site. There is no way you can use a browser on the local machine, you have to open the Mozilla browser on the remote desk which is a very tiny screen, you can't zoom in, and scrolling up/down and right/left is painful. In the K8s cheatsheet, you can't even scroll to the right for commands reference.
This is really not helping at all. With limited time, I spent so much time finding out the reference docs due to the remote browser small screen.
Also, they don't allow extended screens so I can't project to my big screen monitor. it's not possible to pass these exams if the Linux Foundation doesn't resolve this issue quickly.
They should allow a local browser for k8s website page so that it will help and save time instead of searching on the tiny remote screen. Also, the remote desktop was so slow, sometimes it closes all connections then you have to start from scratch, so much wasting time and a terrible experience.
Pls resolve this issue quickly otherwise no point in wasting money ($400) on these Certification exams.


  • This is so unfortunate! An org like Linux foundation that does all this nonsense without thinking about the consequences is even more unfortunate! This has to be reverted and more people should speak up against it. If they cannot do that, then they should give back our hard-earned money as we are not interested in going through their nonsense torture for nothing.

  • I have also experienced exactly same when I appeared for my exam today. In fact this was my retake as I could not clear previous attempt last week mainly due to browser issues. It's extremely difficult to refer the k8s docs as scrolling right and left is very cumbersome and doesn't display the whole content properly. Also copying from browser to console is painful and there are no keyboard shortcuts. Infact there's no search option also in browser which makes it extremely difficult to find relevant section in large pages. This needs to be addressed by the organisers ASAP!

  • yeah , this did effect me in both CKA and CKAD exam i cleared CKA exam in nov and attempted CKAD in the last week of nov , i faced the same issue , since i faced the same issue while writing the CKA exam , I knew this is a torture , so when I faced it while writing CKAD , I repoted this as my 15 mins time got wasted at 60mins of time , eventually it got even worse , i couldn't even type it was that slow . with out any hesitation i asked for a reschedule but the response from the psi support and proctor was , " we sent a email , they will get back to you so, you better wait . i asked them to confirm if i will get a other attempt , they said you should ask this to them . That was a hell for 30 mins , i spent all my time chatting with them .
    Kindly raise the voice against this , if you wont get a other attempt .

  • my problem was with " waiting connecting to remote desktop and everything was very slow "


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