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How to prepare for the LFCS certification?


I recently finished both courses included in the cloud engineer bootcamp, and now I should be ready for taking the LFCS certification, but I dont feel so well prepared.

I just noticed that there are 2 options for taking the exam: Ubuntu and centOS. I made most of the hands on labs on a Fedora machine.

Would you guys recommend doing the exercises on a centOS machine before taking the exam?
Are there any topics that you would recommend to reinforce before the exam?


  • fedpy
    fedpy Posts: 1

    Hey, I saw you passed all of your certifications. Congratulations! Any tips for those taking exams shortly?

  • For the LFCS you should be ready to fail the first time :# , by ut from what I can remember:
    1. master the find command, that one influences at least in 15% of the points.
    2. You should make all of the hands-on labs by your self
    3. Use Killer coda (try to find that in google), they also have some linux materials
    4. If you can afford it, enroll in Kodekloud. I enrolled for around 200USD I think it is much cheaper than buying the courses from the linux foundation and they are focused on passing the tests. if you can afford it, and only make the mock-tests they have there, its worth it.
    5. Really, but really really, dont get stucked in any particular question for more than 5 minutes. Flag it to return later.
    6. There was one question about qemu and libvirt, but I could never do anything about that. In fact I opened a ticket because it had nothing to do with the things they taught us during the courses. Maybe now that the course have changed the code, the test will be different.

  • michael07

    I noticed in your original post you had a question about which version of Linux to learn the material on. I have CentOS Stream and Fedora set up on virtual machines to use but do you suggest going with Ubuntu or CentOS Stream instead of Fedora, or any other version for that matter?


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    @michael07 Please take a look at the LFCS exam documentation (Candidate Handbook, Instructions, FAQs, etc), to familiarize yourself with important details. Among other things, the exam documentation specifies that when it comes to the exam platform, you have the option to choose between CentOS Stream 8 and Ubuntu 20.04. To increase your success chances, you should familiarize yourself with the platform you will use during the exam.


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