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Where is/are the superblock in ext4 located?


In "The Ext4 Filesystems"/"ext4 Superblock and Block Groups"

it says in the beginning:
"The superblock for the filesystem is stored in block 0 of the disk"

later it says
"For block group 0, the first 1024 bytes are unused (to allow for boot sectors, etc). The superblock will start at the first block, except for block group 0"

Wouldn't that mean that it doesn't start at block 0? Or is block group 0 not the first block group?


  • jbalamtlf

    "The block groups used to store the backup superblock(s) and blockgroup descriptor(s) are stored in the superblock, but typically, one will be located at the beginning of block group #1, and one in the last block group in the file system." - source man ext4 - so i read that, and think its stored in block 0 of whatever partition the filesystem resides in, not block 0 of the disk or drive that its on.


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