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Is there any instructor out there?

I guess this discussion forum is not very active...

I feel lonely doing this bootcamp :(:'(


  • fcioanca
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    Hi @donquijotedelasnubes

    Forums are usually used by learners to ask questions when they need help with something related to the course they're taking. If some forums are not very active it may mean the technology is very stable and the learning is quite smooth.



  • It could also mean that there's not too many people taking this course right now, or that people don't like to engage too much in this forum. They could be using another one.

  • coop
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    As Flavia said you cannot draw inferences from the frequency of the posts. The number is proportional to both the number of students and the number of problems they face. In courses where the upstream is changing all the time, students have to make frequent adjustments and the course gets frequent updates. LFS211 has relatively stable upstream contents and therefore students individually run into fewer problems and updates are not quite as frequently needed to the course material. As you have already found, if you post a question, you will get replies usually (but not always) rather quickly as moderators such as myself pay attention to the forums.

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    It could also mean that the the Foundation is more invested in selling these courses than actually giving them, in my experience this is most likely the case.

  • fcioanca
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    This discussion seems to be degenerating into unnecessary speculations. The purpose of course forums is to provide students with a space where they can ask questions if they get stuck with lab exercises, or to get clarifications on topics covered in the courses. LF instructors monitor these forums and answer their questions. Some forums are more active than others, depending on various factors, mostly related to how stable or dynamic the technologies covered are. If you have questions related to a particular course you are enrolled in, please post your question in the dedicated forum and you will get assistance, like anyone else.



    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • Fair enough. Just know that if I bought what was promoted as a "BOOTCAMP", I expected to have at most a 1 working day delay on the questions I made on the forum. And please notice, that my questions should not be, in any way, difficult to answer, since I just started using linux 2.5 years ago.

    for the LFS201 course, I think I made ZERO questions, because the labs have a solution which gives NO room for any doubt, but in this one, depending on the distribution, the solutions to the labs are not in fact complete. In this course I think so far I have made 3 questions and non of them have been answered. Only the non-technical question, by you, for which I am grateful.

    I am taking another course, in another platform, and they respond in less than 12 hours. To every question that I have made. It is always the instructors that respond to the questions, and occasionally, some other students complement the answers.

    I just wanted my point to be clear, as you speak for the Training Team.


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