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LFD259 - Kubernetes for Developers - PDF?


This course is fully text based, no video content. Is there a way to just download as a pdf?
At present it doesn't lend itself to study, since I can't highlight pertinent information on each topic. The notes are separate from the material; for me this isn't as useful as being integrated in the material.

Oreilly Books for instance allows for highlighting of the material, as well as adding a note regarding that specific highlighted item. See the highlighted text below, where I added a note.

Note when clicked on, references the "specific" context I wanted to make additional notes about.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,904

    Every training provider has their own approach to creating training materials. Our courses are mostly text based, with some videos, and downloadable lab pdfs. So only lab exercises can be downloaded as a pdf, either all labs in one file (from the Menu bar), or one by own from each chapter.


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