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How to combine different versions of Application and Firmware Software during continuous deployment


In my company we have complex software product (combination of firmware software and application software) which we require to deploy continuously to our customer site(System/hardware).
Before deploying we need to match suitable version of firmware software with suitable version of application software.
Right now, we are doing it manually using a matching table.
Consider that we have 100 versions of firmware software and similarly 100 versions of application software and we need to pick suitable versions of firmware and application software on the basis of requirement of customer (which changes frequently) and deployit on his system automatically.
Can you please inform me how can I achieve it automatically? Is there any tool available for it. or how can I achieve it more efficiently.
Kindly inform me if you need any other information.
Thanks a lot !!


  • gouravshah
    gouravshah Posts: 139


    This is a very specific use case and no tool out of the box can solve this, atleast in my opinion.

    What I suggest is you write a script to automate the mapping.

    1. You would maintain a matching table which is dynamically updated based on customer/firmware version.
    2. Your script parses that based on the customer ID, finds the right version, and passes it as parameter.
    3. Your CI/CD pipeline should be all parameterised. As soon as a version is found and set, it should be picked up by the pipeline tasks to deploy that.

    So parameterised pipeline, along with a custom script could be the way to automate this. Again this could just be one approach. You should also be more creative with this.


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