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JSNSD - Passed over the weekend with score 94. Yay!


I have now passed both exams
JSNAD - score 89
JSNSD - score 94

It was great experience studying for both. I feel my knowledge of JS is much richer now with wider perspective than what I do in my daily job.

I decided to use fastify from beginning of my preparation even though I was much familiar with express. Personally, I found fastify much better to work with. I hope fastify will eventually replace express in the industry and become a standard for implementing nodejs services.


  • anitaliberatore

    How about the exercises for JSNSD ? Difficulty? I'm studying on documentation and labs of the course JSNSD

  • dilipagheda

    I found the exam not too difficult although completing all solutions and testing it could get bit challenging due to time constraint. more practice you do is better since you wont have to refer to docs as much.

    In terms of preparation, I studied everything in the study guide, did all exercises twice. I then build a small project of my own using fastify which made me refer to lot of documentation to the point that I felt very comfortable.

    I recommend using fastify in the exam as it is less clunky than express.

  • xdxmxc
    xdxmxc Posts: 139

    @dilipagheda awesome! congratulations.


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