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New exam platform rational ?

I am just wondering about the rational behind the changes ( I would assume on high level security but how was the previous approach less secure ? )
the reason behind is that I attempted today the CKS exam with the new platform even reading about the changes before and being aware but the actually experience was much worst.
Issues I faced :
- very small session causing issues in displaying the web browser properly looking for information was never harder , + time consuming

  • latency issues , this where even scrolling throw a page becomes a skill :D you need patience to stop at the section you want so you even go to high or to low , copy/past is another story.

the questions were fine but with this approach it feels like now candidates are tested on how fast you can resolve questions with environment obstacles :smiley: already removing bookmarks (which fine I think ) but now every minute you spend on waiting for your browser to get to the info you need is time wasted, it is like putting you in a car race for a distance of 10km giving you a car that can do max only 3km/h and you have 2 hours to make it.

It is also kind of setting requirement to attempt the exam only if you have a laptop with big screen specs or an external monitor (not even sure with bigger specs there won't be much issues ) , so on a scale from 1 to 5 I give the new platform -10 , the previous environment was much better


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