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New exam platform rational ?


I am just wondering about the rational behind the changes ( I would assume on high level security but how was the previous approach less secure ? )
the reason behind is that I attempted today the CKS exam with the new platform even reading about the changes before and being aware but the actually experience was much worst.
Issues I faced :
- very small session causing issues in displaying the web browser properly looking for information was never harder , + time consuming

  • latency issues , this where even scrolling throw a page becomes a skill :D you need patience to stop at the section you want so you even go to high or to low , copy/past is another story.

the questions were fine but with this approach it feels like now candidates are tested on how fast you can resolve questions with environment obstacles :smiley: already removing bookmarks (which fine I think ) but now every minute you spend on waiting for your browser to get to the info you need is time wasted, it is like putting you in a car race for a distance of 10km giving you a car that can do max only 3km/h and you have 2 hours to make it.

It is also kind of setting requirement to attempt the exam only if you have a laptop with big screen specs or an external monitor (not even sure with bigger specs there won't be much issues ) , so on a scale from 1 to 5 I give the new platform -10 , the previous environment was much better


  • claudiu.ion

    I agree to you.
    I also had a bad experience with the new way of taking the exam.
    Same issues as you. Took the exam on 17inch screen (laptop). The session window was small and I didn't want to spend to much time trying to figure out how to change resolution or how to make it bigger. Another problem was with the browser. After I searched for a resource and I had to scroll the page this was very poor. One scroll with the mouse jump the screen at the middle of that page, one more and I was at the end. I had to use the keyboard to scroll the articles so I could find the relevant info that I was looking for.

  • parashar1505
    parashar1505 Posts: 5
    edited August 2022

    very unfortunate! they take so much money and then arbitrarily change the exam formats as per their whims and fancies. What security are they referring to? We are not criminals here that they would need to do this level of policing that people can't even refer to materials properly. Hostile organization! Totally irresponsible! I wish I would not have bought this exam voucher and not wasted my money writing the exam for such an irresponsible org.


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