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I keep getting "permission denied" errors. I think it might be related to my open SSH settings

I'm trying to setup NginxProxyManager with Docker on Ubuntu in the Terminal in order to add security to my server, but I keep getting "permission denied" errors. I'm new to Ubuntu and I'm learning through trial and error. I managed to setup Open SSH and I think that might be why I don't have permission to use certain commands. But I don't know how to get access. I have an ssh key and I know my port number. That's just a theory, though. I don't know my why I'm getting the error but I'm trying to find out so that I can fix it. Any guidance and instructions are welcome. Thank you.


  • donpier
    donpier Posts: 3

    First of all, what is the command you're using? It's not clear whether you're using the key or not. Show us the command and also run the ssh command with -vv option set and post the output.


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