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Absolut minimal linux distro with yocto project for Radxa Zero/Raspberry Pi Zero

muppet Posts: 1

Good Day everybody!

I need to create an absolut minimal distro with the following:

  • nginx server
  • bluetooth and wifi communication
  • basic file operations

I plan to build this with the yocto project. The board must run a webserver for the local network, should be able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and should be able to communicate with bluetooth (e.g. file transfer). The disto should be also able to write files to the board.

Is it possible/realistic to create a distro with only kernel, the application mentioned above and their corresponding dependencies?

How do I find out which dependencies/packages are needed for a specific application? How would I proceed to accomplish my goal?

Would be thankfull for some tips! Thanks in advance!


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